Viewing with Fresh Eyes

It is often said that you should always look at a problem with “fresh eyes.” This is doubly true in photography.

When retouching an image or reviewing your work, you should always step away from it for a period of time and then review it again. It can often be shocking to see the image in a fresh light. Images you thought were perfect and spent hours retouching, later you find are far to yellow or possibly the highlights are too blown out.

Case in point, I shot this while on location years back and have attempted to work with it multiple times. Each time however I felt that the “soul” of the image was lacking and I simply filed it away assuming it was one of those images that start as great ideas, but in the end, just don’t work. However, after reviewing this image again a year later, I was able to see the tonality and detail that was missing in my first processing attempts and had a better sense of the heart of the image. Once again I started processing but this time was pleased with the results.

So as a word of encouragement to all photographers, don’t consider your first attempt your one and only chance. Remember that a captured image is nothing more than notes on the page. It’s up to the artist to intemperate those notes and create a musical work of art.


Jonathan McIntyre
photography | web | media